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When you are thinking of how to protect your home correctly, you need to consider your foundation. It is the backbone of the whole house and should be protected at all costs. You want to ensure that you have proper drainage for your foundation.

Water is the leading cause of damage to your foundation. It erodes the layers, creating cracks and fissures as it moves along. Unfortunately, a cracked foundation affects the sturdiness of the entire house. Damage of this magnitude is not easily fixed and if it is, it will be costly.

Rather than deal with the headache of expensive repairs, you should ensure that your foundation and house are well protected. An interior foundation drainage system is an assurance with years of durability.

We, at Disaster Restoration Pros, like to think of ourselves as the St. Louis basement waterproofing experts. We offer protective measures against anything that will damage your basement and, eventually, the foundation.

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What Is an Interior Foundation Drainage System?

Interior foundation drainage systems work by collecting water from where the floors meet the walls. They also collect water from the walls. These actions prevent the water from draining to the center of the basement where it could pool and create lasting damage.

Our internal foundation drainage systems work primarily with sump pumps to keep basements dry at all costs, preventing damage. A sump pump sits inside a sump pit, a hole in the basement, or a crawl space of a house or commercial building.

The process is pretty simple. Water enters the sump pit and triggers a sensor that activates the sump pump. When it turns on, the sump pump moves water away from the structure through the pipes. Our specialized designs offer both the options of battery power and electrical support.

Professional Installation: The Smart Choice

It can be tough to find the right professionals for the job. Even though St. Louis has many companies offering basement proofing services, you need to ensure that you have the right people.

You can trust Disaster Restoration Pros experts to fulfill your needs. We offer superior internal drainage system installation services that will ensure the integrity of your basement and house. Our years of experience separate us from the rest, putting us at the top of satisfactory results.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, polite and professional workers, and a keen eye for detail. This combination of useful qualities has enabled us to give impeccable results to each of our clients. Furthermore, we complete each task quickly without sacrificing quality.

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