St. Louis Epoxy Crack Repair

Epoxy crack repair

is an efficient and inexpensive way to repair any cracks in your basement, which can help to prevent more extensive problems from developing down the road.

Concrete is an excellent building material due to its strength and longevity, but it does have one flaw: it tends to crack. Concrete can crack when there is shrinkage, significant shifts in temperature, or if the soil under it shifts slightly.

So, if you notice cracks in your basement, you don’t need to panic. But, that doesn’t mean that you can just ignore the problem either. Cracks usually get worse over time, and more significant damage is more expensive to repair.

That’s why you should call Disaster Restoration Pros whenever you first notice cracks in your basement, so we can address the problem before it becomes a major undertaking.

Simple, Affordable Crack Repair Solutions

Here at Disaster Restoration Pros, we offer a simple solution that enables us to repair most basement cracks without the cost and inconvenience of excavating your basement. How does epoxy crack repair work?

First, we’ll come out and inspect your basement and conduct an assessment of the damage. In most cases, an epoxy crack repair is an excellent option. But, if the cracks are significant or the concrete has shifted, we may have to pursue other options. Assuming that your basement is a candidate for epoxy crack repair, we’ll clean out any loose debris in the cracks first.

Next, we’ll inject the cracks with epoxy using a careful, low-pressure method. One of the reasons that hiring an experienced professional is so important is to avoid making the problem worse. If epoxy is injected too forcefully, it could cause the cracks to spread and widen. If it isn’t injected with sufficient force, then it won’t penetrate all the way into the crack and ensure a secure bond.

What Happens if I Ignore The Cracks in My Basement?

If you notice a crack in your basement, ignoring the problem won’t make it magically go away. What will most likely happen is: the crack will continue to slowly spread, becoming worse. It could also spread quickly if water is trapped inside of it and then it freezes.

When water turns into ice, it expands; and if that happens inside of a basement crack, it’s going to cause serious damage quickly. Even if this doesn’t happen to you and the crack spreads slowly, it’s still going to allow moisture to seep into your basement. This will likely lead to mold problems, which can be very expensive to deal with.

Why Should You Hire Epoxy Crack Repair To Fix Your Basement Cracks?

Your home is probably the most important investment that you own, right? So, when it comes to protecting that investment, you shouldn’t trust just any company. You need to hire professional, reputable, experienced companies to repair any damage in your home, including cracks in your basement.

We have a reputation that is second to none in the industry, and you can trust our team of dedicated professionals to take care of your home as if it was their own.

We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured; which means that in the extremely unlikely event that something goes wrong, you’ll never have to pay for any damages.

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