Foundation Repair in St. Louis

Every house stands on a foundation, which depends on the ground beneath. The strength of your home is dependent upon numerous things, but the primary one is a stable foundation.

The earth comprises several soil layers. Each of them contributes to unique properties including material, moisture content, and density, among others. With time, there could be situations of the layers shrinking as well as merging, a fact that makes the foundation crack. The condition may as well cause cracked walls.

With cracked foundation repair, always seek the advice of experts to avoid further damages. The process calls for several factors that you must address accordingly. Be consistent in inspecting your walls and foundation to be on the safe side.

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What Do Disaster Restoration Pros Do?

At DRP, we have a highly refined system and process designed to repair your foundation the right way. Concrete foundation repair is a critical job and requires the inputs of an expert. The company does its repairs, guided by numerous factors that include the type of your foundation, where it might be blocked or poured, and the type of soil under which your house rests.

Our company aims at offering a variety of foundation repair services to our clients. It concentrates on commercial and residential repair methods that include mold testing, removal, repairs, and crawlspace, among many other services.

We work around-the-clock to provide you with the most reliable services whenever a disaster comes knocking on your door. A team of experienced employees is always available for any emergency.

Disaster Restoration Pros

Symptoms of a Damaged Foundation

Any foundation that is about to undergo critical damage shows various symptoms that you should never overlook. Bowing walls is a primary indication of a damaged foundation. All house partitions should stand straight under normal circumstances. Therefore, there must be an underlying problem whenever that is not the case.

A cracked wall says a lot in silence. A damaged foundation tends to communicate its worries by causing cracks on the wall. Any defect should sound an alarm since walls should be solid besides being straight.

On many occasions, the partitions might crack, whereas the problem is not within them. Many times, the cracks appear when the foundation becomes unstable because of the loose ground beneath and around.

Causes of Home Foundation Cracking

Change of weather from time to time might have some impact on your home, mostly on the floor. When moisture levels change with seasons, there could be effects on the active zone, which defines the area around your foundation. When inquiring about cracked foundation repair, it is advisable to determine the weather implications of the problem.

Constant heavy rains might cause an increase in the moisture levels around the active zone. As a result, hydrostatic pressure might increase, a fact that makes the soil loose, hence, the foundation begins to crack. The dry seasons come with a pack of problems as well. The topsoil shrinks, causing the foundation to sink. Many times, a cracked foundation is a symptom of a water drainage issue, which we also specialize in fixing with interior or exterior water drainage solutions such as a newly installed French drain.

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