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Homeowners are continually cautioned to be vigilant about gradually-emerging problems that could result in property damage and potentially threaten the health and safety of those who reside in and visit such locations. One such issue is mold.

Disaster Restoration Pros, which performs St Louis mold testing for residents of that city and other surrounding regions, invites concerned homeowners and building proprietors to read the following brief blog discussing the dangers of mold and how professionally performed mold testing services are conducted.

The Dangers Of Mold

Mold is a potentially dangerous fungus capable of growing on numerous sources. Additionally, this substance emits airborne particles known as spores. Pronounced mold accumulations in indoor settings, such as, a home or office building can precipitate several unwarranted results.

First, the material is difficult to clean and, should said substance penetrate deep into walls, wood or other structures, it could cause extensive and costly property damages. Moreover, a high concentration or circulating mold spores could elicit health issues in sensitive individuals.

The most common physical manifestations people experience are nasal allergy symptoms, like sneezing, runny noses, itchy and watery eyes and coughing. However, significant breathing problems might occur in subjects with significant medical conditions, including asthma and various other lung and cardiovascular diseases.

The Importance Of Testing

Mold often grows gradually and originates in places that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as, inside cracks and crevices, beneath the surfaces of walls and wooden structures and in infrequently visited locations, like attics and basements. When mold becomes visible, chances are it has already caused a significant degree of harm. Therefore, early detection and mold remediation are critical.

The Testing Process

There are several types of mold testing. The most commonly performed professionally conducted examination is called a certified mold spore test. Sometimes simply referred to as air sampling, examiners employ sophisticated equipment to analyze the specific concentration of mold spores circulating in the indoor air.
If levels are high enough, the examining professionals might commence remediation efforts. Other types of testing involve swabbing surfaces of objects located inside homes or offices. Once samples are gathered, they are tested for mold inside a laboratory.

The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Service

Industry professionals firmly urge homeowners or building managers to leave the testing and, in particular, remediation to an experienced team of restoration professionals. Inexperienced individuals might cause more extensive property damage or pose a risk to their health or the well-being of family members.

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Home or property owners who believe their residents or offices, respectively, might have a mold problem are encouraged to contact us. We can perform a thorough evaluation and, if need be, engage in needed remediation. Call us today to learn more about our certified mold testing services.

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