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Do you have water running into your basement? Do you notice wet spots of drywall along your basement foundation? Can you see water dripping into your basement through cracks in your foundation?

If you have any of these problems, or any other problem related to water damange, it’s time to call the Basement Waterproofing ExpertsDisaster Restoration Pros. O’Fallon IL Basement Waterproofing has no equal when it comes to experience, proficiency, and affordability in Basement, Crawlspace, and Mold Solutions. 

With nearly 3,000 successful projects and clients, you know you’re making the right decision when choosing Disaster Restoration Pros for your waterproofing needs.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients solve their basement moisture or basement water problems:

Basement Waterproofing Company

At Disaster Restoration Pros, we specialize in any and all kinds of basement waterproofing services. No two homes are alike which is why we’re experts at providing custom solutions to solve your waterproofing problem.

As one of O’Fallon’s best basement waterproofing companies, you’re making the right decision choosing Disaster Restoration Pros for your next home project.

Midwest homes and basements are notorious for eventually having water moisture problems. Often the problem starts too small to take notice of, but eventually the problem will grow until you want to take immediate action to fix the water problem and clean up any damage it may have caused.

We have years of experience helping hundreds of customers around the O’Fallon IL area and we look forward to helping you today!

Certified Mold Remediation and Testing

Before we even start our mold removal process, we will first do a thorough mold inspection and test to determine the extent that mold has damaged your basement or other area in your home.

We then determine the most effective and affordable strategy to remove pesky mold spores and to repair the damaged areas where they have grown.

We can then asses what caused the mold growth in the first place and will recommend the proper course of action to ensure water moisture issues are solved and the mold will not grow back.

Interior and Exterior Foundation Drainage Solutions

Nearly every basement water emergency is caused by poor water drainage around your houses foundation. After a major or minor rainfall, if you notice any water sitting around the exterior of your house, without fail that water will eventually seep into your crawlspace or basement through your foundation wall. Even the best sealed foundations will eventually leak water.

The best way to solve this problem permanently is to install proper interior or exterior water drainage to move this water as quickly as possible away from your house and to the proper drainage systems outside.

Many times exterior water drainage solutions such as a French Drain or some other type of drain can solve the problem. However, sometimes this isn’t possible and interior drainage solutions are needed.

At Disaster Restoration Pros, we’ve helped hundreds of customers with all kinds of water drainage problems and we know the exact solution that will work for your home or commercial property.

Let Disaster Restoration Pros handle this major headache the right way.

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