We all know that a foundation is important in keeping a home safe and secured. It’s the first stage in building one, in fact, so knowing which one you want for your home will basically determine the overall layout of it. 

But wait, there are different types of foundations? The answer is yes! There are three types of foundations that are globally used in order to erect buildings. 

So to help you find out more about them, we here at Disaster Restoration Pros will tell you all about these three types of foundation so that you can make the best decision for your future home. 

Basement Foundation. 

This is the most generally used type of foundation out there and with good reason! Because a basement foundation doesn’t really have that many problems. 

A basement foundation is a great and solid type of foundation because it makes sure your home is planted deep in the ground, giving you a lot of stability.

But like I said earlier, it doesn’t have any problems, except for water damages. And that usually occurs due to improper plumbing, floods, and leaks. 

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Crawlspace Foundation. 

A crawlspace foundation is a type that will you the benefit of having easier access to electrical wiring, plumbing, and other home utilities

It’s a great foundation to have if you are the type that likes to tinker around a lot in your home and constantly needs changing. 

Though it does come with some problems such as a possible pest infestation since you have some space between the ground and your home. So make sure to cover it up with something strong and solid in order to prevent this from happening. 

It’s also a great foundation since you won’t have to worry about any flooding and any plumbing issues can be easily resolved. So water damages to your home will basically be a lot easier to deal with as well. 

Concrete slab-on Foundation. 

This type of foundation will give you the benefit of having a really solid and stable base for your home. 

It’s a relatively easy type of foundation and is actually a lot less expensive than the other two that were mentioned. But it isn’t without its flaws. 

A downside to a concrete slab-on foundation is that all the water supply and drainage pipes will be encased in concrete as well. This means it’s gonna be pretty hard to fix any problems with your plumbing and will require you to cut through the concrete and then fill it in again in order to solve the problem. 


A foundation is a pillar to building your new home. Whether it be a basement type, a crawlspace, or a concrete slab-on, it will always be necessary when building your new home. So with this article, we hope that you realize each of the pros and cons of the different types of foundation for your new home. 

And if you’re ever in need of some waterproofing for your home, then check out our services here at Disaster Restoration Pros.