One of, if not, the most important parts of a home is its foundation. It makes sure that the house stays upright and protects the people from any structural damages that may occur while living under the house. 

But there are times where the foundation fails, and tragedy strikes. But all of that can be easily avoided by just making sure you take care of your foundation in the first place. But how? 

Well, we here at Disaster Restoration Pros have got you covered! Because we believe that every home should be a place of comfort and stability, so here are some foundation management tips to keep your house strong and sturdy! 

Keeping the ground moist enough. 

Not a lot of people know this, but soil can directly affect the foundation of one’s home. If the soil is too dry it’ll cause your foundations to expand and contract causing cracks, if it’s too moist, water damage will be everywhere. 

The best solution is to keep the soil around your home at an optimum level. Make sure to water it regularly, in order to ensure that it doesn’t get too dry or too soft. 

Repair known plumbing issues. 

Plumbing is a common issue that affects the foundation of a home a lot. When there are plumbing issues like leaks from pipes, blocked drainages, or pipes that go the wrong way, then you’ll have water damages to your foundation a lot. 

The best way to deal with it is to assess if you have plumbing issues in the first place and call a professional. This is what we here at Disaster Restoration Pros are known for! So call us if you are in need of any waterproofing or drainage clearing! 

Don’t plant too close. 

Plants and trees can also directly affect your home’s foundation. The main culprit? Their roots of course. Sometimes, we just can’t win against mother nature, but there are some ways we can go around with it. 

For instance, planting farther away from your home will be more than enough to make sure your foundation does not get affected by roots. So make sure to plant that tree in the middle of your lawn and not beside your home! 


There are a lot of reasons for our home’s foundation to crack or collapse. But there are ways to prevent them from happening in the first place. We here at Disaster Restoration Pros do our utmost best to prevent that kind of thing from happening, which is why you can trust us to take care of any of your foundation problems! Call now to learn more!