When it comes to a home, nothing is more important than the foundation that it sits on. It’s what keeps the house strong and sturdy, and without it, there wouldn’t be a house in the first place. 

But it doesn’t last forever, and it does get damaged as time goes on as well. How does it get damaged though? Well, Disaster Restoration Pros is here to tell you all about the common reasons as to why your foundation gets damaged

The gain in soil moisture. 

The most common reason as to why foundations get damaged is due to excess or lack of moisture or water on the soil. And the most common of these is a gain in soil moisture. This will lead the ground to be more frail causing problems to the initial foundation. 

Loss of moisture. 

The opposite of the first, and one that is less likely to happen, is the loss or lack of moisture in the ground. When the soil is starting to lose moisture, it will seize up and cause one side of the building to either sink or rise putting pressure on the opposite side, which then causes cracks on the foundation. 

Poor pre-construction. 

When you have a slab-on-grade foundation for your home, the pre-construction phase is the most important part as it will play a role in future damages if not done properly. Pre-construction includes getting the soil ready, so if it isn’t properly graded, it will lead to the soil consolidating causing major problems in the future. 

And those are the most common reasons as to why your foundation is getting damaged. Now, if you’re looking to make sure it doesn’t or want to know more about foundations, then make sure to call us here at Disaster Restoration Pros for the best foundation services in St. Louis.